A Doctor Who travel in London

A Doctor Who travel in London

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A Doctor Who travel in London

Are you one of the Doctor Who’s fans? This can be another reason to visit London. In the capital of the United Kingdom you will have the opportunity to see the places where they filmed your favourtie episoded of the BBC TV show “Doctor Who”. There are many other reason why you should visit London. It offers many travelling possibilites, and if you want to be prepared, choose 365 London Taxi transfers and book now.

Now you can be sure you are not wasting any time. You remember the fictional characters the Daleks? Is so, in London the doctor has been fighting them for years. In the 1984, the scenes of the story Resurection of the Dakes were filmed at Shad Tahmes. If you will walk on the street you can still admire the metal bridges. The perfect way to enjoy a Doctor Who visit in London is to take a walking tour.


The Who Shop in London is the perfect place to buy a souvenir, to remember more about your facinating visit. Another great attractions in London are the royal palaces, that intoduce you in the gamour of the kings’ and queens’ era. In London are many museums, galleries for those who love art, and the most important, some of the museums are free.

So, you can spend a great day in London without having to spend a lot of money. What else can you do in London for free? How abiout visit the National Gallery off Trafalgar Square. Here you will se painting created by one of the mkos famous artists in the entire wrold, such as Rembrandt, Picassol, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Monet or Van Gogh. It is a unique and free experience.

With 365 London Taxi transfers you can get in any corner of the city in a short time. Book now if you want a transfer from or to the airport, as long as to anohet destination in the capital of the United Kingdom.

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After a cheap and taste lunch in London you can spend a relaxing afternoon in Hyde Park, which offers free enter. It is ther perfect place to do nothing but admiring everything around you. Now you can get the energy necessary to continue the day. For dinner you can find a cheap restaurant that offer half-price but delicious meals and who knows, maybe you will go the the theatre.


A play can be everything you need to finish the day in a pleasant way.The Londion eye is another attraction fo the city, along with the Buckingham Palace os the changing guard, which attracts many tourists every year. It is hard to decide how you can spend best some days in London, because there so many thins to do.

The available means of transportation are important in a new city, so if you are interested in a 365 London Taxi transfers, book now. They are here for you with transfer solutions at low costs. Enjoy a nice holiday in London!

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